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It's been almost 1 year since purchasing vehicle from Fred Beans Chrysler - Doylestown. A month or so into driving heard suspicious noises (clunks & thunks) in rear of '02 AWD Grand Caravan. I drove it to my trusted. PA certified vehicle inspection auto mechanic, placed it on lift for inspection of said rear / undercarriage. He was shock & showed me vital unsafe conditions of rear suspension system. Leaf springs shackles / bushings / mounts & all related hardware / (trans-axle) torque arm / rear axle / boots are shot! rusted-worn away. He mentioned "they", {F.B's service department} should have never placed PA safety inspection sticker on windshield unless all was repaired! He failed this Safety Inspection. M'mechanic also assured me these damages didn't occur in the short time of me, owning this vehicle. "It's been ongoing for years". [..., he joked, "was vehicle down south in a flood for years?" Hummm..., maybe so, since I learned that these so-called "CarFax" reports can be fudged....

I returned it to F.B's service department for what I thought "warranted & justified" repairs. "They" said damages were "preexisting" & would be out of m'pocket to resolve. ($$$$!) More than the initial "note"!

As of 3 weeks ago.., (3 weeks from a years of owning it...!) engine heads blew / engine shot! In spite of all fluids, (oil - coolants - etc.), showing proper fluid levels. I want out of this insanity! Remaining note isn't very much, but enough! I now have to pursue this per "un"- safe / illegal / practice of neglect per PA safety inspection deception.

This person wrote the review because of damaged or defective of chrysler car from Fred Beans. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $4700 and wants Fred Beans to "reimburse all payments of note to date. pay off balance of note. or! "fix everything", at "absolutely" not cast to me! [parts & labor!] a loaner while vehicle is down for that duration. and inspection by m'mechanic per approval for valid pa safety inspec".

The most disappointing in user's experience was decevied and sold unsafe troublesome vehicle. Author liked the most desired vehicle. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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